Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Thinkin' Orange

Four years ago Tuesday night, Orange fans.


Yep, we're a lil let down.

Since the Orange hoop season is officially over, and winter's hanging on for dear life, why not take a kid to a Syracuse Men's Lacrosse game? They're having another winning season. (Editor's Note: This just in: The Orange were ranked number #1 in the country after their win last Saturday against Loyola.)

The schedule includes a lot of Saturday and Sunday afternoon games, and one Friday nighter coming up. If they keep up this pace, they'll make it well past the regular season and give us an encore.

Did you know youth tickets (age 14 and younger) are only $4?

For $10 a child can be given a membership in 'Cuse Kids . That gets them into all Men's Lax and Women's Hoops games for free, plus other bennies, like t-shirts and chances to be rubbin' elbows with Otto. (Does he have 'em?)

We know kids who would love to be taken to the Dome with an adult or a family. If you'd like to make a connection, give Officer Clarke a call at (315)471-3257.

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