Thursday, February 19, 2009

Ice-Fishing Trip 2008

The children pose for photos on the snowmobiles. They are not riding them cuz they would not be driving and they would be wearing helmets.

A couple of the older boys man the tip-ups outside the Ice shanty.

Twenty one of us spent the weekend together on our Ice-fishing Trip. We all had a great time enjoying winter activities together. This year was especially meaningful for me because several of our older kids who came on the trip, have not been in a number of years. It was fun reminiscing about how much they enjoyed the trip when they were younger and to be there at their current age along with the other younger children. It's was such a joy to have them there to help out with all the hole drilling and setting out the tip-ups.

The weather was beautiful. We had blue, skies and warm temperatures (just above freezing). The wind chill made it a little cold when we were out on the lake but the fishing holes didn't ice over because of the temperature. Not having to chip out the holes every few minutes is a big plus when ice-fishing. We didn't catch any pike on our tip-ups but the children caught plenty of pan fish on their hand-lines. Many of our children won prizes in the Youth Division of the Fishing Derby. Some of the prizes we won were $50 cash, $25 Walmart gift certificate, case of soda and others.

The younger children spent a lot of time sledding and playing in the snow. The older kids rode the snowmobiles almost non-stop. They put over 300 miles on each of my four snowmobiles over the weekend. Many of the miles were done by taking turns riding out to the island and back 1/2 mile out in front of camp. They also took turns riding on a longer trips with us adults, five miles down the lake to the store, to gas up the snowmobiles. In the evening we made popcorn and put a movie in the DVD player for the younger ones. For the older kids it was more snowmobile riding. It would get a little tight at night when we set up the cots and rolled out the beds. Five of the older boys slept in the camper so, we managed to work it out. First thing in the mornings we had to break down the cots and roll outs so we had enough room to eat breakfast. These youngsters sure could pack away a big breakfast (eggs, bacon, waffles, home fries, juice). Then it was outside to play. We had a fun filled weekend. Thanks to all you folks who made our trip possible. To view more photos of our trip go to flickr.

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Officer Clarke

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