Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Bullhead Fishing Trip

Our Spring Bullhead Fishing Trip provided the children with plenty to do. The children enjoyed exploring nature. They caught frogs, turtles and plenty of bullheads (over 100). The frogs and turtles were released after close examination by each of the children. The bullhead were cleaned and each of the children had their share to bring home for a meal. Boating, canoeing, swimming, riding the four wheeler and sun bathing were all part of the weekend activities. Both nights were a little too breezy for a fire to make smores. The bullheads were keeping us too busy anyways. It was a great weekend and I enjoyed myself as much as the children. Allowing them the opportunity to experience the outdoors is a real treat for them. The children ask so many questions and often make the funniest comments when exploring along the lake. Thank you for helping make this trip possible.

Thank you,

Officer James K. Clarke

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