Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Fund Letter Easter Party 2010

Dear Supporter,

I went up to Black Lake a couple of weeks ago to pull the ice-shanties off the lake (they were still there from our ice-fishing trip). DEC regulations require the shanties to be off the ice by March 15. I was surprised at how much the ice had melted. I didn’t dare drive my ATV out to tow them in, so we had to drag them in by manpower. It took my Mother’s boyfriend and me over an hour to drag the first one to shore, where we loaded it on my trailer and towed it around the lake to my place. I solicited the help of some friends to help pull the second shanty off the ice. It was a much easier drag (with 5 of us), but it still took us over an hour because it was farther out on the lake. Spring must be on its way because I recall three years ago driving my ATV across the lake on the ice and fishing on Easter Sunday but the ice is already thin this year.

My mother had a chemo treatment a couple weeks ago. She is a little slow moving around. She sat in the chair looking out at the lake, anxious for the ice to go so that she can start bullhead fishing. I am looking forward to some springtime fishing with her. Mom somehow manages to sit on my dock for hours fishing. She loves to fish and I enjoy sitting on the dock fishing with her. I am guessing by Easter, or shortly after, we should be able to start bullhead fishing.

With spring just ahead, our upcoming events--the Easter Party and our Annual Bullhead Fishing Trip--are also quickly approaching. Our Easter Party is scheduled for Thursday, April 1st at 5:00pm. Area children come to the Police Center to color Easter eggs and receive an Easter basket. We cook hotdogs, hamburgers and provide drinks for everyone. The Easter Bunny will make an appearance at the party. Attendance will be around 300. It’s a busy but fun event. If you would like to help, you may do so by providing any of the following items:

· Hotdogs, hamburgers, rolls, chips, ketchup, drinks

· Eggs (we need lots of eggs)

· Easter egg coloring kits (deluxe kits that allow kids to make their own designs)

· Easter candy (we need lots of candy)

· Easter baskets or buckets

· Cups, plates, napkins, paper towels, toilet paper, trash bags, etc

· Toothpaste, my dentist is donating toothbrushes for everyone

· Monetary donations (enable us to purchase needed items)

· People to assist with the cooking, serving, egg coloring, set up and clean up.

Another upcoming event will be our Annual Bullhead Fishing Trip to Black Lake. Each year we take some children to my place on Black Lake for a weekend of bullhead fishing. If you would like to help with this trip, we could use the following items:

· Food for the weekend

· Fishing poles, line, hooks, sinkers, worms, minnows etc.

· Lantern fuel, mantels, propane

· Donations to help pay for gas (transportation) and any other items needed

The children enjoy the bullhead fishing trip. Bullheads are fierce fighters, making them an exciting catch for the children. Plus, if the nights are warm enough, we roast marshmallows in the fire and make smores. The trip will be on a weekend in April or May, to be announced. If you would like some bullhead, let me know and we will bring you back a few!

Visit our blog to keep yourself informed of our events: www.northsidepolice.blogspot.com and view photos of our events by scrolling down the blog until you see the Flickr link.

Thank you for supporting our youth programs. Together we are making a difference in the lives of area children



Officer Clarke

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