Monday, June 7, 2010

Brier Hill Volunteer Fire Department Easter Event

The Brier Hill Volunteer Fire Department is located a few miles from my camp on Black Lake. I had met with Fire Chief Shawn Macaulay a year ago to discuss burning down our old farm house as a training. During our conversation we talked about programs at the Police Center and about how the Brier Hill Volunteer Fire Department likes to reach out to the community in a similar fashion. Chief Macaulay piqued my interest because I knew I would want to continue working with children after I retired from the Police Department and moved to Black Lake.

After our Easter Party at the Police Center we had a good amount of eggs left over (which is unusual). I always spend my Easter weekend at Black Lake, and earlier I had seen on Brier Hill's Facebook page that they were having a free pancake breakfast and Easter Egg Hunt the Saturday morning before Easter. I called and left a message for Betty Lowery of the Ladies Auxiliary, stating I had some eggs and a few coloring kits the Police Center would like to pass onto them for their Easter Event. A short time later, Betty returned my call, excited about adding egg coloring to their event. The next thing I knew, I had volunteered Renee, Mom, Mom's boyfriend and myself to color eggs at the Pancake Breakfast.

Friday, I drove to the Firehouse, met with Betty, discussed how we would like the tables set up for the coloring and dropped off the eggs to be boiled. We then continued onto Black Lake where Mom had arrived ahead of us. Mom already had her idea of how the weekend was going to go---cards Friday night till midnight or later, get up early, eat breakfast, fish all day and repeat the same the next night (a nice relaxing weekend). I wasn't sure how I was going to break the news about this egg coloring event that was right in the middle of her weekend. After unloading at the camp, I sat down to take a breather. Right away, Mom asked,
"When are we going to take the eggs to the Firehouse? You don't want to leave them in the truck too long or they will spoil." I wasn't ready to talk about the egg coloring yet. I wanted to wait till we were playing cards; we would all be more relaxed then. I told Mom that we already dropped them off on the way.
"That's good," Mom said, "now we don't have to worry about that." Hmm, if she thought dropping the eggs off was going to slow her plans, wait till she hears about coloring eggs with the children.

"Well Mom," I said, "I met this really nice ol 'lady when I dropped off the eggs; she thought it might be nice if we came and helped color them with the children tomorrow."

"Oh, no Jimmy, oh no, you didn't?" Mom asked.

"Mom, it will be fun," I said, "plus, we don't have to make breakfast."

"On no Jimmy," Mom said again.

"Mom, it won't be that bad; it's only for a few hours," I said, "besides, it's what I do; I like working with kids." Mom thought for a second and replied,

"Yes, you do, yes, you do, oh okay."
The next morning we arrived early at the Firehouse, ate breakfast and set up before most of the families arrived. It wasn't long before lines of children formed in front of us to color their own eggs.

Betty told us they generally serve around 300. I didn't doubt it; the place was packed. After a couple hours of coloring eggs and getting a family photo with the Easter Bunny, the Easter Egg hunt began. The event drew everyone outside to a field of several thousand plastic eggs filled with candy.

What a great time everyone had, especially me. I think I found a great place to volunteer when I retire. One of my requirements before I retire has been met.

Officer Clarke

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