Monday, November 8, 2010

October 13, 2010 Mom went home to be with the Lord

As many of you know, Mom has been fighting liver cancer for the past two years. For those of you who don't, Mom had Cirrhosis of the liver and the cancer was discovered after required testing for the possibility of a liver transplant. Mom was not a drinker, and it is believed the Cirrhosis may have resulted from a fatty liver--another health risk to those of us who are overweight.
Two years ago, doctors encouraged Mom to go on Hospice and give up her fight with the inevitable. Mom refused and insisted on living her life to the fullest until the Lord Jesus decided to take her home. I found it troubling how much Mom's health care providers attempted to facilitate giving up the battle (especially at the hospital).
During the past two years Mom went on her first cruise (which was my first also), spent many days up to my camp fishing and even helping out with children on our camping and fishing trips (the children loved when she made waffles). She also spent hours of her time sharing her wisdom and building memories with her 12 children and over 40 grandchildren. I am grateful to Doctor Kittur who always encouraged Mom to keep fishing and enjoying life and to Doctor Fiacco who helped treat some of the symptoms from which Mom suffered.
On October 13, while surrounded by family in my sister's home, Mom went home to be with the Lord and family members who have gone before her. Mom's love and Godly wisdom will be greatly missed. Thank you for the many prayers, words of support, cards, and notes I have received during the past two years. They have been an encouragement to me.

Every Spring Mom would spend hours fishing from my dock on Black Lake. She especially loved bullhead fishing. In the photo above, I was cleaning a basket full of fish we had caught the night before when Mom yelled for me to come out and net this pike.

In this photo, Mom landed a nice Bass on another day during our same trip. Mom loved to fish, and I loved to sit next to her, baiting her hook and taking off her fish. I think it's appropriate to post these photos of Mom even though she always worried about her appearance in photos. Besides, I look much worse than she does.

Please note: when Dad passed away 3 yrs ago September 11 with liver cancer we were blessed with the assistance of Hospice for several weeks. They were absolutely wonderful to Dad and helped us through the passing of a loved one. We also were assisted by Hospice for the last few days of Mom's life on earth. They are such a blessing and a great help to families in similar circumstances.

God Bless,
Officer Clarke

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