Thursday, June 7, 2012

One Year After Retiring

It's been a year since I retired. But I will have you know, we have been plenty, busy, continuing, our efforts with Syracuse Children at the Police Center. I apologize for not keeping up on our blog but a lot of changes have been occurring since Mom passed away. We were so, busy preparing for my retirement, moving from Syracuse to St Lawrence County, totaly replacing a new roof on our home (here on Black Lake), continuing our programs with Police Center children and working on new programs with children up here in St Lawrence County. We still have a lot of work to do on our home and our work on Ropes Challenge Courses / Team Building Workshops is starting to pick up. So, don't expect to see me much on the computer. But I will try to get some posts up,starting with the Spring Fishing Trip; we recently brought Police Center children up for the weekend May 18th-20th. Things are going well with my retirement though, I am a bit more busy than I would like to be. Although the lake is part of my front lawn (as you can see from the photo), The only times I spent fishing was during the children's Ice-Fishing Trip, the Spring Fishing Trip and another evening or two when Retired Police Officer Charlie Nelson (A.K.A. TUNA) came up for a few days visit. I am guessing by October I may be done with our home repairs and may be able to begin enjoying my retirement. Upcoming programs for our Syracuse Police Center Children are "Putting blinders on the pheasants to assist with the Pheasant Stocking Program" (July), "The Annual Summer Camping Trip" (August, "The Pheasant Release Days" (September/October), "The Pumpkin Carving Party" (October at the Police Center). We will also be assisting the Brier Hill Volunteer Fire Department with a Pumpkin Carving Party up here in the north country. For those of you who support us financially with these programs a GREAT BIG THANK YOU! Our funds are extremely low right now. We will need to build them up before these coming events.

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