Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Reducing Screen Time

"forsythia evening", originally uploaded by placeinsun.

When was the last time you took an evening walk with someone?

If you've done so recently, you've noticed how rapidly the outdoor scenery is changing. Aside from watching the spring buds evolve into blossoms, the sunsets have been spectacular. This photographer managed to capture both.

This week, some people are making efforts to reduce or eliminate all forms of screen time. "TV Turnoff Week" is part of a larger effort aimed at reducing the amount of time children and families spend in front of any screen.

Whether it's a TV, computer, cell phone, game, etc., screens are in our faces almost constantly. Activities involving screens, when taken to excess, are linked to serious health and learning problems in children.

Furthermore, interacting with screens tends to isolate people from one another. When not managed, these activities can reduce quality communication that is essential to building and strengthening relationships and, in some cases, also compromise trust.

Try turning off these devices in favor of family meals and other group activities, physical exercise, reading, walking the dog, experiencing nature or just enjoying the company of another person. We promise to have something interesting for you to read when you return.

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