Thursday, April 10, 2008

Scenes from the North side I: Penfield Manufacturing

The Northside Community Police Center is located on the ground floor of the red brick building that formerly housed Penfield Manufacturing, a mattress factory. The business has been closed for more than a year and the building is currently on the market.

On the roof (behind the sign) is a small house that always intrigues passers by. It's a shell that holds the building's mechanicals.

We've been allowed to stay in this location until the building is sold or longer, depending on the terms offered by the new owner. Real estate in Syracuse is considered by industry watchers to be undervalued, and prices have not declined at the same rate as they have nationally. The area is attractive to investors.

For example, Royal Electric, who has been located across the street for many years, is going out of business due to the owner's retirement. They haven't closed shop yet and the building is already sold, with plans for a combination of commercial and residential development. Dick Case has captured these and other facts in his recent column with interesting historical information about the area, our neighbors and this building.

255 Wolf Street is at the northern edge of a business district that spans several miles along North Salina Street, near residential neighborhoods and parks. It's within an Empire Zone, offering significant tax advantages to businesses, and in proximity to acreage designated within the Lakefront Development Master Plan that is directing revitalization of the area.

Our generous donors have made it possible to stay in this location, providing the resources needed to adjust all the mechanicals for this space. This has made it possible to use the facility while the rest of the building is vacant. Changes to the lighting, HVAC, and water systems were all completed thanks to donors who supplied the funds, materials and labor.

The space features a reception and office area, one private office/storage area, and a large room used for events. There is a kitchenette and single stall bathroom. We have a Thrift Store set up in a storage room.

When events are held, every inch of the space is utilized. Families who register for the events, such as our Christmas party, come at appointed times throughout the day so that we can accommodate everyone. We typically have about 1,000 people in attendance at Christmas over the course of the event.

The Center is located near Interstate 81. We're on the busline and within walking distance to:

We are just a skip away from Hancock International Airport.

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