Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Allyn International vs. Challenge Course

I did make it home from the workshop with Allyn International. I had to wait until I returned to the Police Center to work on this post. Something is wrong with my laptop again. My charger is not working and my battery went dead.

The group was a pleasure to work with on the challenge course. The morning started out with a misty rain. We worked on spotting technique and trust leans.

The group I was working with asked me to be a participant for Willow in the Wind. Very rarely do I allow myself to be a faller into the group when I am responsible for spotting but the group was doing such a great job it was easy for me to put my trust in their spotting ability.

They gently passed me around the circle in true Willow in the Wind form. As soon as I stepped out Allyn asked to step in. Naturally they took good care of the boss as well.

The weather cleared for the afternoon and soon many were up in the trees challenging themselves. Everyone did a fantastic job. I am grateful for the opportunity to meet such a wonderful group of people.

Hey, you Millennials, are you looking for a boss with a sense of adventure? Are you interested in working with peers who like to have fun and are committed to their jobs? Take a look at Allyn International.

I am already looking forward to working with the next group in September.

Take care,

Officer Clarke

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