Friday, June 20, 2008

Raquette Lake, June 19-21

Left to right: Officer Jim Clarke, Renee Gosselin,
John Jensen, Alyssa Clarke, Cy Gibson

Hi Folks,

I am currently in the Adirondacks on Raquette Lake, Camp Huntington doing some team building with Allyn International Services. They are a logistics company based in Florida.

We are working with 36 employees from various parts of the world- Russia, France, Prague, Japan, China and the USA. We worked with a group last week, we have a new group this week and we will be working with the last group in September.

Our group last week was wonderful to work with. They were very focused and eager to participate and learn. We have spent a half hour with the new group and the dynamics are different.

I am excited about what's ahead for this group. We will split the group into three and start out on the low elements. Then they will be climbing up into the trees for the high elements.

The Challenge Course requires the group to work together to resolve problems. We debrief them after each exercise to get their input on what went well, what did not and why. These exercises can help groups identify issues and work through them.

You can look for us online. Check out the camp Huntington Web cam, mounted in the dining hall, by clicking on web cam at the top of their web page. We meet in that area at meal time 7:55 am, 11:55 am and 5:55 pm.

If you are interested in bringing your group on a team building adventure give me a call.


Officer Jim Clarke

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