Thursday, September 25, 2008

Uno Chicago Grill Fireman's Dough Raiser

Shana, Renee and I went to UNO Chicago Grill for lunch today. Not only did we have a great meal, we also supported The Retired Fire Fighters Cancer Fund. 

UNO will donate up to 20% of your check to the fund. So, if you have not already made it part of your plan for tonight, please do so. You have till 9PM tonight to eat, drink and have up to 20% of you bill go towards a good cause. 

I have a Neighborhood Watch Meeting tonight at 7PM as soon as I am done I will be dropping in to the UNO at the Carousel Mall to blow the suds off one. Come on over and introduce yourself and I will buy you one (after all it goes to a good cause). 

Hope to see you there. Make sure to inform your server your want to participate in the fund raiser. I will bring extra coupons with me in case you need one.

Officer Clarke

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