Friday, February 22, 2008

About Us

The Northside Community Police Center, located within the City of Syracuse, provides public safety services to the residents and businesses who reside in this neighborhood.

Our storefront located at 255 Wolf Street serves as a walk-in facility for residents who need our services, whether it is to file a report or obtain information. The Center is staffed with one full-time police officer and a few regular volunteers who help administer the Center’s community policing programs.

The Northside Community Police Center is part of a network of other Centers located city-wide that are part of the Community Policing Division of the City of Syracuse Police Department. These resources are available to meet specific needs within the City’s neighborhoods.

We are striving to improve the quality of life for children and families on the North Side of Syracuse. When children and youth are engaged in doing something positive with adults who lead by example, they're more apt to stay away from trouble. Not all kids have that advantage at home. But some connect with a positive adult role model who provides the inspiration they need.

Children who form healthy relationships with positive adults have a greater chance of growing into productive, well-adjusted citizens. That leads to less crime and better quality neighborhoods. By engaging children and families in constructive connections with police and our supporters, we're reaching out to build a better community.

Our tactics include events and programs that provide an opportunity for these connections to happen. They involve police and the public in collaborative problem solving, that has positive effects on our outlook and quality of life.

We welcome and appreciate those who help make it possible.
The Center is supported by a network of volunteers and donors, who provide the additional resources required to deliver our programs. Throughout the year, our Event Calendar is full, involving several thousand children, teens and adults in positive activities with police and supporters.

We welcome those who are interested in being part of our community. Whether you live nearby and use our services, or your business is located here, whether you're a volunteer who serves or a donor to our programs, or it may be none of the above but you like what you're reading, the blog is a way to connect and support what we do.

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The Northside Community Center of Syracuse, Inc. is a 501(c)3 Not for Profit corporation. The generous contributions of individuals and businesses enable us to deliver our programs.


We encourage your comments and respect your opinion, whether or not you agree. Dissenting opinions often generate better ideas. However, if your free expression conflicts with our mission, we will delete your comment. We moderate comments prior to their appearance on the blog. We reserve the right to edit all forms of content.

We intend to reflect positively on the organizations we represent, however, any opinions expressed belong to the individuals who contribute them.


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To learn more about the people and programs of the Northside Community Police Center, please check out our Web site.

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