Friday, February 22, 2008


We're engaging the community in the Center's events and programs through several means; this blog is the latest of several tools that allow us to proactively communicate with you in a more timely and direct way. Here, we're not fettered by the costs and inconveniences of snail mail.

Whether you live on the North-side of Syracuse and use our services, or your business is located here, whether you volunteer with us or donate to our programs, the blog is a new and convenient way to remain connected.

Now, we recognize that you may be anywhere, and not necessarily someone who can walk into our Center. Here in our virtual space, you can join in on what we're doing and talking about, and become part of our community regardless of where you live. We think that's way cool, and we welcome you.

We also welcome others within our local community who may not be as regularly involved with us. Stay informed and in touch through the blog, and as you do, we think you'll find something that captures your interest and inspires you to act.

You don't even have to visit this blog every day. Instead, why not allow us to come to you whenever there's something new? Just hook up via the feed on this page. To do that, scroll to the bottom and click on "Subscribe to Posts (Atom)". Then follow the directions.

Concerned about information overload? Don't be. There are reader services available that can bring us to you with the rest of your daily news.

We welcome your comments, ideas and suggestions. And if you happen to be a blogger or have your own Web site, let us know about that, too. We're all about building community.

Coming soon is a brand new Web site for NCPC which will eventually contain this blog right on the home page, easing access to information on our events, programs and services.

Please let us know what's on your mind. Sign in and leave a comment. It only takes a few minutes, and requires a user name, password and email address.

Thanks for stopping by. Please don't forget to subscribe to our feed before you leave. Thanks!

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