Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Event Pics

Whenever an event is held by the NCPC, one of the most important tasks to be done is to record it. Over the years, the primary method has been still photography.

Literally thousands of pics have been taken at events ranging from the children's Christmas Party to the Adventure Programs. They've been used in different publications, such as the "Thank You" cards Officer Clarke mails to supporters, and in pages of the notebooks that were created for each event.

The pics help tell a story about the event to people who are unfamiliar with what we do, and give us a way to keep the good feelings rolling on. Most people who attend enjoy having their picture taken, and it's not just the little kids who get a kick out of muggin' for the cam. Many of you ask to see the pics afterward.

Until recently, we haven't had an easy way to share them with you. It was just too much work on the shoulders of a few, and the old way took a lot of time. It was inconvenient for everyone involved, so it happened less and less.

We're pleased to announce that all of that has changed.

Several months ago, we created our own photo sharing site on Flickr, and painstakingly loaded over 2,000 pics into it dating back several years. We've made several hundred of them available, so you can get a feel for what takes place at our events for children.

Link to our site from here. There is also a link in the right margin of this blog.

If you are a leader of a team, unit or organization who has participated in one of our programs and want your group's event pics to be made available to the rest of the community, please let us know.

We aim to build and strengthen relationships between people, namely, police and the children and families of the neighborhood we serve, as well as the individuals and groups who participate in our programs. This includes other police officers, volunteers, community groups, educators, donors, and more.

We're in the process of editing the photos, while simultaneously doing other stuff. So here and there you may find a few that need fixin'. Oops. We'll get to it.

We just didn't want to wait for everything to be perfect before inviting you into our world, and hope our country welcome makes you feel right at home. Kick off your boots and hang for a while.

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