Monday, January 18, 2010

Christmas Party 2009

We served over 800 children during our 2009 Children’s Christmas Party. All day long families poured into the Police Center to attend the party. Bright eyes and broad smiles were on the children’s faces as they entered the community room covered with Christmas decorations. Families would collect their gifts from Police Center Volunteers and then gather around Santa for a free family photo. Other volunteers passed out stuffed animals, hats and gloves to each child and directed families to the snack table. Families had their choice of numerous types of snacks to enjoy at the party, including cookies, chips, chocolate milk, juice and soda. Children, seated on the floor, were scattered throughout the Center, busy opening gifts and playing with toys. “Safe Child ID Cards” were provided to the families who wanted them. Parents received a photo ID containing their child’s finger prints and other important information. Plenty was offered for families to enjoy at the party.

I am always amazed at the number of families who come to the party; some stay for hours while others come and go quickly. Those who stay like to fully enjoy all we have prepared for them. Many of these families' homes are without a Christmas Tree or the colorful lights seen throughout the City. Some families tell how they wrap their few gifts in newspaper rather than the bright Christmas paper we are accustomed too. They can only think about going to the mall to purchase a photo with Santa and never actually make it, due to their tight budgets. Strollers are the primary means of transporting their children to and from the Christmas Party. These are just a few of the reasons we go all out to decorate the Police Center and host a Christmas Party for the families in the area. Anyone who spends a short time at the Police Center during this special night recognizes the value of hosting such a party.

It requires a wealth of support and numerous hours of preparation prior to, during, and after the Police Center's party. We could not hold a single Police Center event without the generous donations of the businesses and individuals who donate to us. Likewise, I could not handle all of the work required to host an event without hard working volunteers that give their time to help. I am truly grateful to all who help make Police Center events possible. I encourage you to scroll down this page to our Flickr stream and click on it. Once on the Flicker page, click on northsidepolice (next to the black police patch), select 2009 events, choose an event, and click to view it in a slideshow. Sit and enjoy the smiles you have put on the many faces of children and parents with your support to the Police Center. Believe me, it will warm your heart to see the faces of families. Your support is impacting. You are making a difference in their lives.

God Bless,

Officer Clarke

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