Monday, January 18, 2010

Ice-fishing letter

Dear Supporters,

I am beginning preparations for our Annual Ice Fishing Trip to Black Lake. When I was up to my camp for the New Year people were driving trucks out onto Rollaway Bay. There was 13”-15” of ice with over a foot of snow on top of the ice at that time. My four wheeler is in the shop for service because I am planning to bring it up north this weekend to pull the ice-shanties out to our fishing spots. I plan on loading the truck up with supplies we will need for the weekend of the fishing trip. This warm weather has melted the snow down a bit, but I am sure there is plenty of ice for ice-fishing. I will have a better idea of the snow and ice conditions after my trip up there this weekend.

Our Ice-fishing trip is a little different from most our other trips in several ways. A number of the children who attended in past years have now grown up and attend as young adults. I like bringing them along because drilling a few hundred holes through 2’ of ice (my back can’t handle it like it did when I was 20), putting out 60-90 tip-ups, and moving ice shanties around requires a lot of bull work. These boys now in their late teens to early 20’s are the right bulls for the job. They are also mature enough to operate the snowmobiles and ATVs to transport equipment back and forth to the ice shanties. Generally, once I get set up with the younger children at our fishing spot, the older boys drive the snowmobiles around. It’s a nice trade-off. Plus, I like staying connected with these kids as they become adults.

I encourage you to view our photos from previous ice-fishing trips. Scroll down this page until you see the flicker photos on the right and click on flickr. Once you're on flickr, click on northsidepolice (next to the black police badge), click on any year, click on ice-fishing for that year and view (I like to view in the slideshow by clicking slideshow in the upper right).

Last year at this time I shared a note regarding my mother being diagnosed with liver cancer. She is holding up better than predicted. I would say her health is a little worse off than a year ago. I doubt she will be joining us when the kids come up (the chance of catching a cold with all the kids around is much higher). I may get her to go up this weekend because she loves to fish. Please continue with your prayers for her health. I have no doubt it is what is keeping her as healthy as she is (just got off the phone with her; she had a rough night with dry heaves 3am-8am).

The dates for the ice-fishing trip are February 5th-7th. The Black Lake Fish and Game Association Fishing Derby is only on Saturday this year. We will be entering everyone into the derby. They have a great youth division, and generally many of our children win prizes. If you are interested in helping us out with the ice-fishing trip you may help in any of the following ways:

· Zebco 202 or 404 reels (or comparable- with reverse switch) for our tip-ups

· Ice-fishing line, poles, lures, tip-ups, small propane tanks for lanterns and heaters, etc.

· Bait, grubs, wax worms, large minnows ($1.25 ea. We generally use 250 pike minnows)

· Food, drinks, snacks, paper plates, bowls, cups, napkins, paper towels, toilet paper

· Clothing (socks, mittens, scarfs, etc)

· Gas cards – we will be using a lot of gas for vehicles to transport everyone to camp, for the snowmobiles, ATVs and the ice auger.

· Monetary donations for Black Lake Derby entry fees, renewal fees for our Adventure Explorer Post (this provides our liability insurance through the Hiawatha Seaway Council for all our trips throughout the year, pizza and wings (Friday night), gas, minnows and any other expenses for the trip. Checks may be made out to Northside Community Police Center Fund.

You may drop off or mail donations to our office at 255 Wolf St. If you have any questions on the above events, please give me a call at 471-3257.


James K. Clarke

Police Officer

North Community

Police Center

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